Bloody call game english download

2 Oct 2012 Gardale

Bloody call game english

4 Aug - 2 min - Uploaded by Ailantan Developer: Icing Candy Not available in english Description from: bleib-gesund-service.info v Futaba. There are a few otome games available in English, most of which you There's nothing nearly as dark as Bloody Call available in English at. However, her father is a very influential figure there, and the leader of an organization called "Fly Call". Futaba spends her days normally completely unaware of.

What do you get when you mix Jingi Naki Otome with Full Metal Alchemist? You get this otome game:lol: I was honestly surprised at the. Bloody Call hmm.. Well this was one of the few Otome games that I actually enjoyed. It was a little predictable though. Well your father is the. unENDing Bloody Call [Regular Edition] Recommended if you're looking for an otome game with plot and a heroine who's not useless. [Do you think this.

unENDing Bloody Call is a Otome/Visual Novel game published by BlueMoon, Icing Candy released on June 28, for the Sony PlayStation. Bloody Call background and game download. i would love to play the trial version or any version of this game in english~!. x. Add a Comment. TLCers (Translation Checkers) for the otome game "Bloody Call" but to speak/read the language and know how to translate it into English.

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