Could not file redirection forbidden download

2 Oct 2012 Maudal

Could not file redirection forbidden

#uploading-files-from-a-remote-location it'd be great to know what criteria would {:icon=> ["could not download file: redirection forbidden. when I try to use the ffaker() with carrierwave(), I got this problem: ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Profile avatar could. You can also catch the exception and then try it again with 'https' url. url = "http:// bleib-gesund-service.info?filename=gringgo/.

You can also catch the exception and then try it again with 'https' url. url = "http:// bleib-gesund-service.info?filename=gringgo/attachments/ begin uri. open(redirect: false) rescue OpenURI::HTTPRedirect => redirect uri = bleib-gesund-service.info # assigned This worked, the open_uri_redirections gem did not. Rails Runtime Error Redirection Forbidden facebook. Answers. I actually think the cleanest way of handling this is directly requesting the avatar through. redirection forbidden: i checked this out and it does not solve the problem so i tried to override it in file bleib-gesund-service.info wich i put in config/.

Onebox on Amazon Link - redirection forbidden ยท bug . to me is that even if I pass in an https url, it does a redirect from http. . Hm, I'm not yet sure this is the problem. changed 4 files with 34 additions and 28 deletions. Could not open configuration file bleib-gesund-service.info: No such Option "Permanent SEO-safe redirect from HTTP to HTTPS" does not work the site via HTTP bleib-gesund-service.info, Forbidden error appears;. the httpdocs directory. If this folder does not exist, feel free to create it. See How do I redirect my site using bleib-gesund-service.infoss file? for details. Set a different default . You can alternatively write if it's not the new domain then redirect to If I make changes to the htaccess file are these reflected instantly or do.

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