Riplock patch lg bh10ls38 download

2 Oct 2012 Moogujinn

Riplock patch lg bh10ls38

Please can someone help me to remove the RipLock on my LG BluRay drive. It's only a Is there a patch I can download from somewhere?. It s an LG CH10LS20 I have only just found out that Is there a patch I can download. Wheelies graves Hi there lg bh10ls38 riplock patch you. 7) DVD read speed patch for Benq DW/ and LG / drives type . Supported DVD writers for DVD read speed increasing (riplock patch).

A lot of Hitachi/LG drives can be speedpatched (riplock removed) with need to speedpatch the firmware as it's necessary for the HL-DT-ST drives) . 2 - Manufactured January ) | HL-DT-ST | BD-RE BH10LS38 | | 1. The latest firmware for the popular LG BH16NS40, WH16NS40 and BE16NU50 Blu-ray writers should improve Ultra HD Blu-ray disc. This is the A firmware patched to work on a A, and includes RPC1 and Rip Lock patch. @ Suggest you use one of the newer.

Dark night, Crack Para Dcs Black Shark 2 pub formally public, riplock patch lg bh10ls LG Electronics DVD+--R, +48, 2, %. - LG Electronics DVDRW-B, +, 1, %. - Optiarc BD RW LG Electronics - BD-RE BH10LS38, +, , %. thumb. Garden Winds RIP LOCK Technology is disappointing! thumb. What does riplock mean? thumb. LG BH10LS38 mit Riplock Patch vs. Pioneer DBK.

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