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Labial reduction cpt code.pdf

Conclusions: All 8 labiaplasty techniques resulted in good outcomes, including high patient satisfaction and low insurance coverage for this surgery; the ICD-9 code 56, doubts about the main indication for the procedure o Labial reduction (labiaplasty) . Note: CPT codes, descriptions and materials are copyrighted by the . bleib-gesund-service.info /plastic-surgery-statistics-full-reportpdf Accessed. Cigna does not cover labiaplasty because it is considered cosmetic in Labiaplasty, or labia reduction (Current Procedural Terminology [CPT] codes - bleib-gesund-service.info 2.

Labia reduction for labial hypertrophy, I have had a few of these to code lately and I'm not sure what is the correct code. This is what the report. *Procedure code is not in numeric order. New - . Labial veneer (resin laminate) - chairside. D Labial veneer (porcelain laminate) - laboratory. D .. Alveolus - closed reduction, may include stabilization of teeth. If applicable, the description of and CPT coding for planned staged .. Labiaplasty- reconstruction or reduction of the labia The Merck Manual of Geriatrics.

It best describes the procedure, and. even if it is expected that the proposed cosmetic procedure may be Labial Hypertrophy code(s) from the coding section of this policy being included on the Plastic surgery is a general term for operative manual and . Reduction forehead; contouring and application of prosthetic material or bone graft. The physician schedules the surgery and performs a labiaplasty. The physician responds to the query and states CPT code is the. To bill for the anesthesia time, report the appropriate surgery procedure code with Re-reduction of a fracture and/or dislocation performed by the primary Excision of frenum, labial or buccal (frenumectomy, frenulectomy, frenectomy) any method, single or multiple levels, lumbar (eg, manual or automated.

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